Different bouquets for different occasions by Florist in Chennai

Florist in chennaiFlorists in Chennai are known for their artful displays having perfected their art in temple displays. These are all kinds of flowers from gerberas and daffodils and pansies, to Asiatic lilies to roses and gladioli, they make for interesting displays at inexpensive rates.

Types of Flowers Used

There are all kinds of varieties used – right from pansies, gerberas and lilies to roses and tuberoses or the more exotic orchids. The bunch and bouquets utilize all kinds – to come up with amazing displays and interesting bunches.

Pansies are a somewhat quirky display variety and daffodils create a soothing display. Holly hocks, wildflowers in white and cactus also make for interesting bouquets in pots, glass bottles, etc. There are more traditional displays made from roses, tuberoses and gladioli to cheer up a person’s disposition.

Different bouquets for different occasions

Different flowers are arranged keeping in mind the occasion and the celebration involved. From elaborate displays and simple arrangements, to more extensive flower arrangements making up the decor of the entire room, flowers tend to create lasting memories and occasions.

For auspicious ceremonies, tuberoses are used, for more elaborate wedding rituals and after-rituals, roses, especially red roses are used. For deaths, white lilies or tuberoses are used. For birthdays, elaborate flower arrangements in the form of popular cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ben 10, angry birds, etc, are done.

Send Flowers to ChennaiFlowers in the form of balloons for anniversaries and kids birthdays are used. The popular fad these days is edible bouquets which include chocolate pops, cake pops, icicles and lollypops arranged in a bouquet. It serves a dual purpose – you can now eat the bouquets.

Bouquets for special occasions

Sometimes, bouquets can be created with chocolate pops, and combined with other gifts to make for interesting gifts. They also make for bulk order corporate gifts and are interesting for both the corporate house which ends up personalizing gifts and for the receivers who can use these gifts for showing off to their relatives and near and dear ones.

Thus, who says the bouquets wilt away and are wasted? They make for interesting gifts and Send Flowers to Chennai edible gifts are the envy of your neighbours. Now, end up creating more interesting displays of edible bouquets, normal bouquets combined with fruits, dry fruits, chocolates and souvenirs to make for a complete gift.

So, don’t wait any longer? Just log on and order and enjoy the benefits!